nanosocial is closed.

sorry about the mess!

hey, nano here. nanosocial was suffering from the mysterious akkoma database rot for months, causing frequent non-fatal errors and frontend outages. eventually, the rot culminated in posts consistently failing to federate, which essentially made the service unusable. because of this, i immediately took action by setting up nanosocial's successor, nanosocial2, and encouraged everyone to migrate away from nanosocial, either to nanosocial2 or another instance of their choosing.

running nanosocial and nanosocial2 at the same time is extremely intensive on my vps, so i took down nanosocial as soon as everyone was able to finish migrating. i have not and will not delete the database, so, in theory, once i have more powerful dedicated hardware, i can bring back nanosocial to allow the ex-users to take archives of their accounts if they wish.

i will not be maintaining a public read-only archive of nanosocial because running akkoma in any capacity uses up a ton of resources, causing everything else on the server to slow down dramatically or become unusable.

i am very sorry about how sudden this was, how it will affect federation, being an unreliable administrator, and not being able to make old data accessible, but i tried my best to make this process as painless as possible and am doing everything i can. thank you.

here are nanosocial's ex-users and where they ended up moving:

if you'd like to be removed from this list, please let me know!

nanosocial was a chill, relaxed, friendly fediverse instance ran on akkoma, administrated by queer furries for (but not limited to) queer furries. nanosocial2 is its direct successor, running iceshrimp, at if you'd like to join nanosocial2, feel free to contact nano for an invite code!